About Vecturo

Vecturo Graphics was started in 2006 by two friends in high school with high hopes of creating a successful clothing line but back then, we were called D&A. While hopes were still high, money was not. D&A was then turned into a graphics & design company, though, with little experience. While practicing on design skills, self marketing started online on forums and chat rooms. With more self promotion came more clients and more experience was attained. Soon enough, marketing and promotion was no longer needed as clients kept coming through word-of-mouth because of new youthful, edgy graphics and fantastic customer service. Clients came from all over California, then from Texas, then came from Florida and nationwide. Soon after, international clients came in from England, Australia, Mexico and New Zealand. For 8 years, D&A held up as a custom design company. However, we feel the name D&A Creative Co just wasn't making the overall impact we had hoped. It wasn't easily remembered so we decided it was time to rebrand. D&A is now Vecturo Graphics with a focus on design graphics such as Illustrator Vectors and Photoshop mockups. We srtive to be at the top of our game and will continue to push to reach the top while consistently learning. Always a student, never a master!